Guns N' Rosaries Mission

Through fellowship, education and charitable acts we seek to reclaim our Christian baptismal inheritance as Priests, Prophets and Kings. Priests are known throughout Scripture for giving sacrifice, so we seek to sacrifice our lives for Christ through donating ourselves to others, particularly our families. Being a Prophet means to speak on God's behalf. Through educating ourselves in Holy Scripture and Catholic Tradition we aim to articulate Truth through the way that we live and speak about the faith to others. Kings have three primary tasks; (1) Lead his people into battle, (2) Look after widows and orphans, (3) Care for the poor. We participate in this kingship by picking up the daily fight against personal sin and in particular by caring for the poor through personal relationships and material help for those in need. In order to achieve this mission we invoke the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Joseph.

Family Life

Top Ten Ways to lead your family to Christ

1.  Personal Prayer and Meditation (morning preferably)
2.  Find ways every day to "out do" your spouse in love 
3.  Lead spontaneous prayers of thanksgiving at the beginning of meals
4.  Lead a Rosary every night with your family
5.  Attend Mass as often as possible
6.  Receive the Sacrament of Confession once a month
7.  Offer your sufferings for a particular person so that you may participate in The Cross with Christ
8.  Each member of your family can be assigned a day of the week in which the other family members offer prayers and sacrifices for that family member 
9.  Learn how to pray the Liturgy of the Hours
10.  Attend Guns N' Rosaries

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