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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pope Francis: "Our Lives Do Not End in Front of the Stone of the Sepulcher!"

Pope Francis: "Our Lives Do Not End in Front of the Stone of the Sepulcher!"

Reflects on the Coming Easter Triduum During Weekly General Audience

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The Easter Triduum is a time to not only commemorate the Passion of the Lord, but to enter in its mystery. This was the reflection given by Pope Francis at today's General Audience in St. Peter's Square.

The Pope said that with tomorrow's Mass of the Lord's Supper, the summit of the liturgical year begins. Speaking on the act of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples, the Holy Father said that Christ expresses the meaning of His life and Passion, who came not to be served, but to serve. 

"This happens every time we make the memorial of the Lord in the Eucharist: we make communion with the Servant Christ to obey his commandment, that of loving one another as He has loved us," the Pope said.

"If we approach Holy Communion without being sincerely willing to wash one another's feet, we do not recognize the Body of the Lord. It is Jesus' service, donating one's self totally."

"It is Accomplished"

Reflecting on the commemoration of Christ's death on Good Friday, Pope Francis said that with His final words, Jesus transformed "the greatest iniquity into the greatest love."

The 78 year old Pontiff compared it to the men and women in today's world who give witness of this "perfect love with their lives". One such example, was Fr. Andrea Santoro, an Italian missionary who was murdered in Turkey in 2006.

"This example of a man of our times, and many others, sustain us in offering our lives as a gift of love to the brothers [and sisters], in imitation of Jesus," he said. "And even today there are many men and women, true martyrs who offer their lives with Jesus to confess the faith; only for this reason."
"It is a service," he continued. "The service done for us by Christ, who redeemed us until the end.

This is the meaning of those words: "It is accomplished."

'The Night is Darkest Before the Dawn'

On Holy Saturday, the Pope said, the Church contemplates Christ's "rest" in the tomb. The Holy Father also noted that it is a day to also reflect on the Blessed VirginMary: "the first and perfect disciple, the first and perfect believer."

"She remains alone to keep the flame of faith alive, hoping against all hope in the Resurrection of Jesus."

Finally, with the Easter Vigil, the Pope said that the darkness of night at times, seems to penetrate our souls. However, Christ comes with the fire of God's love to break the darkness.

"We know that the night is darkest before the day begins," he said. "But precisely in that darkness, it is Christ who is victorious and enlightens the fire of love."

"Our lives do not end in front of the stone of the Sepulcher! Our life goes beyond with hope in Christ who is risen."

Concluding his address, Pope Francis said that sas Christians, all are called to be "sentinels of the dawn".

"In these days of the Sacred Triduum, let us not limit ourselves to commemorate the passion of the Lord, but let us enter into the mystery," he said

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